CA Immo Romania

CA Immo is a specialist in office properties in Central European capitals, with subsidiaries in six countries in the region. Its core business involves letting, managing and developing office buildings. The company, which controls a high quality real estate portfolio in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe, covers the entire value chain in the field of commercial real estate. Founded in 1987, CA Immo shares have been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1988. The company started expanding into the CEE Region in 1999 by acquiring properties in Hungary and the Czech Republic, followed by the market entry to Romania in 2001.

Since 2001, Romania is a CA Immo core market. The real estate market in Bucharest is very promising and one of the most important strategic locations for CA Immo. Bucharest offers great opportunities in all segments, in terms of both development and investment. The office buildings of CA Immo in Bucharest convince with their prime location, visibility and excellent accessibility by all means of public transportation. Three out of the four projects (Europe House, Opera Center and Riverplace) of CA Immo have the metro station in front of the building.

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